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Bebuluh Rituals, before Erau Festival at Kutai Kertanegara

Erau Festival was held for one week in July each year. In this Erau Festival, the Dayak people of all regions in Kalimantan gathered in Tenggarong. Festival Erau enlivened with traditional ceremonies and a variety of dances performed by dancers dressed Dayak. In the Kutai language, the word “Erau” comes from the word ‘Eroh “which means crowded, boisterous, noisy, and a joyful atmosphere. Erau festival is enlivened with a few performances that are sacred, ritual, and entertainment.

Erau Festival was held by the Kutai Sultanate Martadipura ing. Prior to the implementation of the Festival Erau, and Crown Prince Sultan underwent ritual Kukar Kukar Beluluh in Kedaton. Bebuluh ritual performed for the cleaning and Crown Prince Sultan Kutai who will carry out a series of custom party Erau Festival. The ritual begins with readings Indeed Bebuluh or incantation by a handler or Belian. Sultan of Kutai then moved to the hall in the main room Kedaton.

Sultan Kutai then sat on the third level hall is made of yellow bamboo. Then four relatives Kedaton standing at four corners as she spread the cloth hall Tuhing Carnival which is yellow. Indeed Belian still read when a woman handler called Gods perform rituals at Sultan Fresh Tepong Kutai. Sultan of Kutai then down from hall to perform the ritual when Lepas with three people elected, they are usually the relatives of the imperial government official fan.

After that, the Crown Prince to undergo ritual Bebuluh as did the Sultan of Kutai. With the implementation of this Bebuluh Ritual, Festival Erau expected implementation to run smoothly without any significant interference. Erau festival will be opened with a dance show performed by hundreds of dancers. Festival Erau then enlivened with performances Bemamai, Bepelas Night, Racing Boat CES, Pankat Bulk Pinang, Belimbur Rice, and the Dragon and Belimbur Buying ceremony.


Kumala Island Kutai Kartanegara

Pulau Kumala kertanegara
The city has Tenggarong Kumala Island as a place of major roads in the district of Kutai. People of East Kalimantan now does not need all the way to the World Fantasy in Jakarta because of Kumala Island was Dufan its East Kalimantan. Interestingly, when Dufan located on the shoreline, Kumala Island is shaped like a ship in the middle of the Mahakam river.

Kumala Island Park is about 27 km from the city of Samarinda can be reached in about 30 minutes. If the city of Aberdeen, Kumala Island is about 130 km and can be reached less Over 3 hours via a landline. In addition Kumala Island can also be reached by water transport through the Mahakam River.

Kumala Island is managed professionally by the arrangement of tourist vehicle that combines modern technology and traditional busaya thus making the visitors will be amazed. Vehicle tours that can be enjoyed include 75-meter-high Sky Tower, Mini Train, Merry Go Round, Car Transport Travel, Hanging Train, Arena Games, and Trampoline. All the rides you can enjoy the tour with a very affordable rate. In addition, there you can find lodging and dining.

Kumala Island is easily accessible because it is located to the west of the City Tenggarong, Kutai regency administration center. To get to Pulau Kumala, you can cross the Mahakam River by boat, or better known ketinting klotok ship for about ten minutes from the port. But for those who are afraid to ride the boat, you can cross by cable car from Overseas Tenggarong.

Kumala Island was originally a river delta that is always submerged when the water overflowed the Mahakam River. In 2002 the Kutai regency reclamation Kumala Island and later building Kumala Island became a tourist with some vehicles equipped with lodging, restaurant, swimming pool and transport equipment. Kumala Island was built to showcase the culture by blending cultural Kutai Kalimantan, Dayak culture and Javanese culture. It can be seen in the presence of Lamin house, temple Stake Island, and sculpture Lembuswana. Lembuswana giant statue made of copper-made Balinese artist Nyoman Sunatra, this is right at the end of Kumala Island Bridge facing the aquatic mammal.

You only need to pay Rp. 10,000 (adult) or Rp. 5000 (the children) to enter the area Kumala Island Recreation Park. Then to enjoy the rides in this recreational park charge varies between Rp. 1500 s / d Rp. 10,000 for an arena game.

Like the Fantasy World in Jakarta, Kumala Island also provides games that are not much different as Jet Clotser, Bombom Car, Comedy Play, Sky Tower, and Train Hanging Gocart. If you want to surround Kumala Island, you can ride the Mini Train (mini train) that will get you around the island of Kumala. To enjoy the beautiful island of Kumala which covers 81.7 hectares above the mini train to the time taken for 45 minutes, you only need to pay Rp. 5000 for adults and Rp. 2500 for the children. For those of you who like fishing, Kumala Island there is also a fishing pond arena. Imagine you could be fishing on an island in the middle of the Mahakam River. Of course very challenging.

So if you want to walk to the East Kalimantan, not complete if you do not walk to Pulau Kumala. Enjoying the tour rides on an island in the middle of the largest river in East Kalimantan can make your breath away.

Beras Basah Beach, Exotic In Bontang East Kalimantan

pantai beras basah
Wet Rice Coast, located in East Kalimantan,. There are many flights to Aberdeen that my friends could use to get there. However, not only from Balikpapan only friends can reach Rice Wet Coast. From Samarinda, can travel by bus for 2 hours just to reach the Bontang.

From Aberdeen to Bontang, conditioned buses charge no more than 100,000, – After that continue the journey by boat from Kuala Bontang or Cape or Cape Sea Lemons or by renting. Tips, wait for other passengers, because the rental boats at 400.000, – can be divided up to 10 people. All the way from Kuala Bontang Wet Rice to the beach, can be seen many small islands, the township population above the sea, as well as mangrove trees.

Sea water was very clear. We can see a variety of marine plants and small fish with the naked eye. The lighthouse is visible from a distance, indicating we are close to the lips Wet Rice Coast. Wet Rice beaches have white sand. Suited to unwind while enjoying the natural scenery tour that is still very natural.

There are only a few simple building of wood to unwind. There is no lodging and stalls that sell food. So if your friends decided to walk to the beach Wet Rice Bontang East Kalimantan, do not forget to bring their own lunch. And, of course: a change of clothes!

Not complete it all the way to Rice Wet Coast, but do not swim and nyebur into the sea? Do not worry, because it is a place to bathe and clean themselves, although the cost is also not cheap (Rp 5.000, -). Wet Rice Island there are no inhabitants, and clean water imported from the mainland Bontang.