Tourism Area Laut Tawar Lake

danau laut tawar lake
Laut Tawar Lake is a tourist area located in the Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh District, Aceh. Gayo people call it the “Lake of Lut Fresh”. Gayo society assumed, Freshwater Sea Lake looks so wide that it looked like the ocean. Although the extent of looks like the ocean, the source of water in the lake water is not salty than the ocean. Its location right in the middle of Aceh Province.
laut tawar lake
Stories circulating in the community of Fish Depik Gayo. Form of ornamental fish such as slender, shiny white scales with the size of your thumbs. Depik reputedly came from a grain of rice thrown into the lake. Depik fish will come to the surface at certain seasons, especially during the rainy season. Before the season arrives, Depik gang hiding in the south of the lake, at the foot of Mount Bur Kelieten. Depik for the Gayo is a gift from God, though constantly consumed fish Depik is endless.
laut tawar lake
Fresh Sea the beautiful lake dotted landscape of two hills that flank this freshwater lake. The unification of the waters and plains gives many sources of livelihood for the community, especially around the Gayo highlands. Designation because of the vast sea as the sea and as fresh as the water is not salty. She offered water saving many flora and fauna, one of the most famous being depik fish species of fish which is found only in Lake Sea Fresh.
laut tawar
Around Sea Freshwater Lake, you can see the Gayo people that farming and fishing. An activity that has become part of everyday life in communities around the lake. Commodity grown in the highlands Gayo Gayo is coffee (Coffee arabica), which is very famous in Japan. If you want to feel the Aceh coffee directly from the source, you can find it in the Gayo region.
laut tawar
To go Takengon, from the city of Banda Aceh or Medan, you are more easily travel through the City of Bireun. There is a small terminal elf hangout special transportation to Takengon. The duration of the trip about 5 hours at a cost of approximately Rp. 25,000. Apart from Bireun, an alternative way to Takengon can also be reached through Blang Kejeren and Kutacane.
laut tawar
You do not need to pay to get into the tourist area of ​​Lake Sea Fresh. There is one motor boat used to carry passengers around Lake Sea Fresh. Around the lake there is a place of lodging for tourists who want to spend the night at that location.
danau laut tawar
The roads to the Lake of Fresh Sea when the holiday, you can watch Gayo men fishing on the banks of the lake. They use only a piece of fishing line strings tied around the bamboo sebilah. You also go fishing with their bias free of charge.


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