Monas National Monument, National Pride Symbols of Indonesia

Although it has repeatedly been to the capital Jakarta, only this time I took time to visit the building of high standing in the middle of nan magnificent city. Long-standing monument has become one tourist attraction in the city.

Monas National Monument called Monument was built in 1961 to commemorate and perpetuate the greatness of the struggle of the Indonesian nation known as the Revolution of August 17, 1945.

To go to the monument is not hard, just takes a lot of time stuck in traffic when in transit. Depart in the morning from a friend’s house, finally escaped the jam and did not arrive until an hour in the area of ​​Monas.

Before entering the Monument National Monument, I am required to pass before the National History Museum which is located adjacent to the building Monas. The essence of the tour at Monas is a close look at Monas building and see the sights of the capital Jakarta from the top of Monas.

Monas forms contain the philosophy of Linga and Yoni in which the ancient symbol depicting immortality, is a positive element (phallus) and negative elements (yoni).

Entering the entrance monument, I’m required to queue up in advance to the elevator leading up to the top of Monas. Long enough to wait for the lift capacity quite small at less than 10 people. Arrive dipuncak Monument where the position just below the Tongue of Fire’s independence, the first impression I was amazed to see the view from the top of Monas.

Tongue of Fire is made of bronze weighing 14.5 tons with a height of 14 meters and 6 meters in diameter, composed of 77 parts that are put together. The whole flame coated gold plates weighing 35 pounds and on the anniversary of the independence of Indonesia to 50, the gold that coats the tongue of fire increased to 50kg.

At the peak of Monas, we can see the view from the four corners. In each corner is provided binocular field that can be used to fill the coin and can be used for 5 minutes. Coins are purchased from the officer who guarded the peak area of ​​Monas.

The Court of Monas Peak is located at an altitude of 115 meters from the monument and the page can see the sights of the city.

On every corner there is also a board that contains the existing landscape photos in front of the eyes of visitors with a brief description of the building’s name is quite prominent and clearly visible from the top of Monas. Satisfied to enjoy the view from the top of Monas, visitors are welcome to leave the area of ​​the peak.


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