Indonesia Jaya Crocodile Park

Crocodile Park is a complex breeding crocodiles in the area Serang, Cikarang, Bekasi District. We could go through the toll booth lane West Cikarang (Lippo Cikarang) to the right, toward Jonggol, Bogor.
Captive crocodile Crocodile Park is known as Indonesia Jaya (TBIJ) or Crocodile Park Cikarang. The number of crocodiles bred approximately 500 tail, Cikarang Crocodile Park is one of the largest rookery in Asia and even the world.

Aside from being a captive crocodiles, Crocodile Park Indonesia Jaya (TBIJ) as well as alternative recreational facilities, as it provides a place for recreation. There is a playground for children, facilities for leisure, entertainment stage and even on certain days of the show was held humans and crocodiles.

Crocodile Park Indonesia Jaya (TBIJ) is not so great. There is no guide to get there. If my friends from Jakarta, go to Cikampek toll, and exit at the toll booth Cikarang West. Turn right toward Cibarusah, far more than 11 Km. On the right side of the road position.

Crocodile Park Entrance Indonesia Jaya (TBIJ) is Rp 12,000, – for adults, $ 6,000 for children. For children under 3 years of age, was made free by guards tickets.

Day attraction was a Sunday or holiday. The day’s attractions, there is the handler who will play with crocodiles in Joko Tingkir Things, and crocodile feeding attraction. Debus also displayed on the stage other attractions. On a normal day, serving the same, namely to watch the crocodiles laze around.

For those of you who have visited museums in TMII reptiles, or Ragunan zoo, then the collection of crocodiles in Crocodile Park Indonesia Jaya (TBIJ) is a bit different. Crocodiles were shown in close proximity. Partitioned only by about 1.5-meter-high fence with a distance of 1 meter from the enclosure.

Crocodile Park Collection Indonesia Jaya (TBIJ) mostly Crocodile Sumatra. There was also a Albino alligator, Alligator Tank, Muara Crocodile, Crocodile Irian, brackish water crocodile from Borneo, etc..

For tourists with children, is also a vehicle for children’s toys such as swings, a seesaw, etc. with considerable amounts. Shady place with a fairly shady trees, and there are several bale-bale that can be used to unwind. If you want sapodilla fruit, visitors can also pick them for free.

Unfortunately, all these amenities now seem well taken care of. Paint colors that appear in the garden area now looks faded. The impression was so unkempt look at some existing facilities. This may be highly correlated with the number of visitors who are increasingly reduced. Meanwhile, the costs required to care for the park, is increasing.


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