Tanah Lot, When Twilight Being Amazing

tanah  lot

Did not complete it a trip to Bali without coming to this one attraction. Tanah Lot, thus its name. A natural beauty with beautiful rocks and beaches, combined with the temple a place of worship. Waves that make up the rock into what it is today has been happening for decades.

If your friends mean to the streets in Bali, Tanah Lot is a must visit attraction. Being in the Village Beraban, District Kediri, Tabanan Regency. Tanah Lot in Balinese language means “Land of the Middle overlooking the Sea”.

Tanah Lot, in addition to offering its natural beauty, is also the location of worship for Hindus of Bali, in Tanah Lot because there are two temples. One temple was on a rock cliff in the middle of the ocean. One temple again, was on the rocks near the entrance to this attraction. The people there wear it as a place to worship the guardian deity of the sea.

If you do not just walk, my friends could ask the local guide about the legend that had been believed to be the story of the formation process of Tanah Lot. Danghyang Nirartha, Brahmin from Majapahit Kingdom was the one who built the temple of land lots. But because a large influence, ruling him out Beraben Village. Chunks of rock where the temple berdiripun removal to sea before leaving the Land Lot. Snake guard Tanah Lot, believed to be the incarnation Danghyang Nirartha scarves.

When is a good time to visit Tanah Lot? In the afternoon when the sun will sink. Dusk becomes very amazing because of clouds and sun bright reddish going to sink, showing something in between is perfect. Rock of Tanah Lot is beautiful, with a silhouette of the temple on it, resulting in stunning scenery.

Come to Tanah Lot when the weather was sunny. If overcast and in the rain, the scene I mentioned above will not look well. Also, when the sea water in a state of tide, Tanah Lot temple is located in the rocks into unapproachable.


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