Taman Bunga Nusantara, The beauty of the Peak Cianjur

Flower Garden Collection, you will be greeted by a big black swans in the park. Some of my friends say that the swan is the mascot Nusantara Flower Garden, Peak. They have a great place for a parking lot and when I got there, there are not many people who walk to visit this place. I came to the Garden of Flowers archipelago around the clock 10:00. You can ride the tram in front of the ticket booth, ticket prices 20,000, – / adults.

This place has a lot of garden styles ranging from France, America, Bali and Japan. The park is spread and show the style of each park based on its name. I prefer a Japanese garden than any other garden. Get a map at the entrance to help you plan for the area where you want to visit. You will see the unique Peacock near the entrance. This is a peacock made of plants and gardens in the back of the tail. Simply stunning and I am wondering how to make it.

The next stopping place is the amphitheater in the Garden Flowers Collection. As the name suggests, this place is made for the show. There is a dome in the middle of a swimming pool and a Javanese princess statue behind. Try it, go to the dome and talk in it, your voice echoing! Hehehe … Also, my friend brought the bread to be given to the fish to eat.

Log back into the Garden Flowers Collection, you will find a garden maze. To enter, you have to pay Rp. 1.000, – / person or go to the tower site to see the view from above at Rp. 1000, -/orang. The tower is not very high, about maybe 3 to 4 floors. And you can go there by elevator or using a ladder. The scenery is amazing! You can see the forest, gardens and mountains in the distance, wow!

There is also a fountain with his music. On the back of this place, you will find a small park named “Natural Imagination”. You can take the train, playing chess or boat, etc., but you have to pay to use it.


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