Strawberry Gardens, All About Strawberry

kebon strawberry
‘ve Ever felt a trip to the Garden Strawberry? If not, I think it should be tried in Cihanjuang Road, Cimahi. Entry tickets really cheap, only Rp. 5000, – only, we can get a glass of strawberry drink as a welcome drink.

All About Strawberry attractions is suitable as a location for a walk with your family, which has facilities like strawberry water (aircraft), rocking horses, swings, flying fox (pay extra) and a swimming raft.

Snacks that you can enjoy with your family there are also some, of them know gejrot (typical food Cirebon), colenak, bananas penyet cheese and so forth. However, because not every day be opened to the public, you should call first, whether open or not at 022-6631234.

All About Strawberry this concept does seem perfect for families who take their children to play. Children aged under five and primary school. More than that age, escorted visitors to enjoy shopping at Factory Outlet, or just enjoy the culinary snacks available.

If you want to feel how the strawberry harvest the fruits straight from the tree, it’s here. You can bring home the results to pay around Rp. 35.000, – to Rp. 50.000, – per kilo. But, make sure you come early, because if you oversleep, strawberry fruit harvested was up by previous visitors.

Flying fox game provided is not too worrying for the safety of your children, because the length is approximately only a hundred yards. Accompanied by experts who will guide the pair drove their equipment to ensure safety.

There are also games that are offered water, a sliding board into the pool. Get ready to bring change of clothes, yes, if the children berbasah mini-basahan in colas. Other facilities are fishing pond where fish are colorful that can be fished with a hook-shaped magnet.

Come on, if there is spare time, occasionally take your kids walk to All About Strawberry Street Cihanjuang in Cimahi.


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