Segara Anakan, Laguna Indah di Sudut Malang

segara anakan
If you do not forget to visit Malang Segara Anakan that offers beautiful views. Segara Anakan is a lagoon on the island of Sempu. Brackish water lagoon has is surrounded by forests and hills. Segara Anakan so isolated and to achieve it we have to walk for about a half hour.
segara anakan
If the city of Malang, you have to travel about four hours to Blue Spring. Arriving at the Blue Spring followed by a boat trip for about five minutes to the island by renting a fishing boat Sempu about one hundred thousand dollars. We recommend that you prepare before crossing over food supplies and mineral water are sufficient because there are no residents at all.

After crossing to the island Sempu, proceed by foot into the jungle to follow the path. You should be careful because the trail up and down and a little muddy when wet soil. We recommend that you wear suitable footwear for slippery ground. Travel for about a half an hour is quite tiring. But the tiredness will go away when you hear the sound of sea waves.
segara anakan
Segara Anakan already exists in front of your eyes and you live down the path to decline. Segara Anakan beautiful scenery of the mountain can be enjoyed while walking to walk down. From a distance, Segara Anakan looks so green and clean with a peaceful atmosphere. Scenery is so beautiful, with white sand and the lagoon is very clean and no waste any.

You can simply direct snorkel and swim in the lagoon. For underwater scenery is not so much good coral and fish that can be seen, but at Segara Anakan you can swim in the lagoon is so beautiful and clean surrounded by hills covered from the southern ocean. There seemed to swim like a swim in the private pool with a very large size. In addition, brackish water lagoons tasteless so your eyes do not seperih if swimming in the sea.

If you climb to the top of the hill near the lagoon, you can find the most amazing scenery. You can see the open sea extends along the eye could see. From the hilltop you can see the Segara Anakan clearly. Segara Anakan so beautiful from the top of the hill, despite the heat and the rocks are so steep. Meskip skin burns, but it’s not worth the pleasure of seeing the beautiful scenery Segara Anakan.


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