Pulau Tidung, Kepulauan Seribu

pulau tidungg sunset
It’s been a long journey to the island this Tidung I planned. Initially, get emails from Nduth which informs an advertisement from travel tour, a trip to the islands a thousand at an affordable price. Quote basis’ve never long walk home each year in addition to Klaten, I want nyobain also occasionally ngerasain picnic.

Picnic time owe even this first. Paid at Nduth because I do not have money anymore. Pay next month. Good right? Jacks to buy snacks on the go, use the gift voucher dapet after writing this. Not bad. Fill bag scoreless not very.
pulau tidung
Since the journey began on Friday morning, then on Thursday after work, I might not go back to the house. Friday at 6 am had to get together in Muara Angke, I was forced to stay back in Budhe in Harmony. Can not sleep semaleman, if excited mo ordinary travel, luggage already want to go straight wrote. Hours 3:30’ve showered, and out of the house at 4:30. I think the busway molai road at 4:30, not taunya at 05.00. And that’s when I grab ngeshoot pake video Ipod for hours 5:15 counters unopened. I already get mad, if I belom until 06.00 and left at Muara Angke entourage, I would definitely demand tuh busway because of late from the operating hours listed in the schedule, just because the day was not a working day.

As per the information we were looking for, after climbing down the busway stop Jelambar, change majors Angke B01 naek public transportation. Although derived in the middle of the road because the public transportation plays in the market, I should be forced to walk through a smelly fish market and muddy for mercy. Mo naek tricycles, not so, because he asked to the mothers in the market, gas station not far Muara Angke, reply to, baseball. And so pretty too.
Fortunately, the boat leaves at 07.00 am. And travel to the island aboard Tidung takes 2 hours. Acquaintance same guy 3 people on the boat, one of them named Bashir. Whether the other two who, forgetting. Boat boat that took us to Tidung, can contain up to 150an passengers and their luggage, and consists of two floors. There is a below deck on boats and at the top with half the roof open, the other half given a tarpaulin cover. Price crossed over to the Island Tidung one-way IDR. 35.000, –

It’s early, clear sky, and the sun is not so oppressive, making the eyes so drowsy and suitable use for sleeping. Pay the debt can not sleep at all last night. Plug the ipod in the ears, take a position, and zzzzzzz …. Can not enjoy the scenery along the way deh.
pulau tidung
Only after a few tens of minutes before arriving on the island Tidung, I woke up and the sun was getting hot, though I decided to remain in the hot and not roofed, all for heating, it will also eventually going to sunbathe. Arriving at Tidung, the group divided into two groups, Group A and B. I just Nduth go into Group A. Before starting the adventure, all participants go to the inn first. A Guest House in Island Tidung cost between Rp. 250.000, – to Rp. 300.000, – and can accommodate up to 6 people. I entered Guest House is pretty good compared to another, namely titin at home Mom, right next to the health center Tidung Island. Our Guest House is very strategic position, right in the middle of ‘town’ Tidung Island, just a few meters from the Park, Harbor, Health Center, and Village Office.

I occupy this guest house with other friends, a total of 10 people, and 8 are new friends who met on the island Tidung for the first time. There Mas Dhanang, Dony, Erwin, Gafur, Husnul, Mio, Ega and Mamen. In the end, these people ancur all!

Island Tidung elongated shape. Puanjang really, until tired of deh kalo path toward one end. The width of the island’s most Tidung only two hundred meters. Cleaved with the trail right in the middle of the island Tidung, not the right way up to a hundred yards, and left the same. So if you walk in the only existing road, the sea will appear on the right and left if you cast a glance. Everywhere the water.

The first goal is the sea in the east of the island Tidung. Because of his schedule snorkeling, so i change costumes made out to sea. Inget a story I streets on the Mall nyari tank top, but dapetnya pink jacket? Luckily there is still a stock tank top that can still be using that. No need to use the new

Hours 11:00 noon, I think absolutely not the time to bathe in the sea, but what may make, a schedule that I can be like that, yes follow aja. After all, the black was not a scary thing for a child I was a farmer.

Nduth already have prior experience before because never snorkel Karimunjawa some time ago. I made this first experience. Fortunately, his adaptation with snorkel equipment can not be so hard. The only problem is: I can not swim! Fortunately, Koko Ray want a good heart and I encourage other friends who could not swim, tour of the coral reefs there. Cool! [Rent snorkel equipment Rp. 30.000, -]

Out snorkeling, photographs used on the bridge. This wooden bridge, connecting the island with the island of Great Tidung Small Tidung located on the east side. Large Tidung uninhabited island [according to the information of 5,000 households] while Tidung Small uninhabited island and is considered by the local community as a somewhat haunted island.

One o’clock, I just Nduth back to Guest House for lunch, and found all eight fellow housemates did not exist. They’ve finished lunch and snorkeling schedule change. I and Nduth road to the west of the island Tidung. Because the cape and nothing is too caught our attention, so I just Nduth back to Guest House for bed! Yes, we need a break.

New in the afternoon, we return again to the east coast of the island Tidung, to enjoy the sunset. There was, our new Ko-Ko-8 known to friends ‘house’ that was fun, exciting all. Nyesel also why we are not a group, because they had jumped from the bridge all! Armed with Mamen’s DSLR cameras, the pictures they’re cool all … I ngeliatnya amazed! No way it should’ve gone the sunset to the sea baths. Anyway, the water is receding too.

Return to Guest House, followed by a chat over coffee. That’s all we can do, because on the island Tidung, we did not get a signal! Sympathy, to die. XL die. Only Indosat are still online, and even then the signal is very alarming.

At night, there is a barbecue that starts at 23:30. I was so noisy we had 10, another group that comes to barbecue until turning again and did not join the event, hahahha … Fuel-grilled fish was really struggling due to turn on the fire wood capitalize on the streets looking for results. And lastly, we ate fish utik, sharks are small in size.

All went to bed exhausted and slept with the success his return to the lodge. Already no longer exists a joke, because the stomach already hard all. Schedule wake up at 5 to enjoy the sunrise, no one is able to get up except Husnul, who with the spirit of get up and walk their own 45 to the end of Small Island Tidung! From Husnul also the story that we heard in the small Tidung Island there is the tomb of one of the heroes named the Black Prince.

The others, the new ‘go’ to see the sunrise after 7 o’clock! Hahahaha … IBHS, by driving the Emperor, a ‘motor’ tricycle that is normally used to transport vegetables in the central market, or to trade around if here. The emperor, sorry call brands, is the only ‘car’ that exist on the island Tidung. Another means of transportation is a motorcycle and bicycle. Motorcycle rental price is Rp. 50.000, – per day, and the bicycle of Rp. 15.000, – per day.

But, worth deh, pay Rp. 5.000, – each way naek Emperor, reduce stiffness in the legs. While still early, take more photographs. Teuteup, narcissistic is number one. Also waiting for the return of the Emperor again. And should be checked out from the inn. Later at 12.00 noon Tidung had to leave the island.


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