Mekarsari Park Green Tourism / Taman Wisata Mekarsari Wisata Hijau

This developed into agro-tourism park attractions of all there is. It took a full day to explore some of the region. Facts about Mekarsari: Area of ​​264 hectares. Family collection of 78 plants, 362 species, varieties 1463, 37,000 trees.


From Jakarta over the highway exit at the toll booth Jagorawi Cibubur. Take the direction to the Cullinan, up to the flyover towards Jonggol. Around 13 km from the toll booth Cibubur, you will find the gate that is on the right side.

Was first inaugurated in 1995, was originally Mekarsari Fruit Garden tours. Various varieties of tropical fruit trees from all over Indonesia and even abroad here. End could pluck fruit straight from the tree. Even tried to plant it.

Since 2004, further developed by non-agro trending facilities. Built of modern recreational facilities that could be enjoyed by all ages. His name was changed to Park Mekarsari. Any entertainment facility is located in the middle of the green area.

Mekarsari a favorite not only because of facilities that are mengaacu in nature, also because the price is pretty cheap. Tickets masukknya Rp. 15.000, – per person for all ages, except children under 2 years old. Car parking Rp. 10.000, – for the day.

Go to the lobby, available information about the package tour desk that tersediaa, as well as anything what facilities can be visited freely. If you do not want to go on tour, can take a train that traveled to the region. Tickets are Rp. 10.000, – per person for all ages. Only with this ticket, we can walk around the orchards, which culminate in the water.


The area has a variety of activities that can be done by the whole family. Dad can fish, Mom picking vegetables in the vegetable garden, children playing in the playground. You can also use the rented bicycles to explore the garden in the Countryside area. If thirsty and hungry, there are juice sellers.

The tour also passes a mini zoo, where kids can ride a horse while looking at the collection of animals such as bats, raccoons, lizards, cows and crocodiles. Nearby there is also the region where n Play Play you can drive ATV, or up Bomb Car Bomb.


This region visited most favorite, because it had a lot of water games and entertainment. Between lani Floating Bubble, Bubble Floating Donut, banana boat, and boat ride. In this place visitors can spread the mat and issued stock. Rest and enjoy a meal while entertained the band on stage near the edge of the lake that stage every Saturday and Sunday.

Near the lake, was built facility also outbound. Because a lot of games, every visitor who joined the tour as well as a regular train, was dismissed in the region. If you want to go back, there are bus stops where passengers boarded the train again toward the exit.

The game is pretty picking pockets. Bubble Donut ride, for example, Rp. 25,000 per person for 15 minutes. A bubble can be used by three people. This game can be used alternately during the time was not yet exhausted.

On the edge of the lake there are also shops selling knick-knacks shaped or decorated with fruits. The price is pretty cheap, only Rp fruit painted cup. 20,000.


Unlike the ordinary train ride, this tour at each garden to lay off passengers who are being harvested. To know what trees are fruiting, better call first before coming Mekarsari. But, there are trees that bear fruit throughout the season, the melons, barking, and star fruit, so that at each tour will definitely menghujungi this place.

Once in three gardens above, each passenger gets a chance to know hydroponic cultivation, planting, and picking fruit, and even got haidah fruit. This gift is included in the ticket price, which cost Rp. 50.000, – per person, except children under the height of one meter.

A guide will give you the information you need. Including, any plant that has been crossed by Mekarsari and created new varieties. As nangkadak, jackfruit and Cempedak hybrids. Fruit skin is not as thick as chairman of its parent, while the fruit such as jackfruit smell like Cempedak.

What a fun experience for yourself the experience of picking fruit from the tree.Especially when it includes such rare fruit matoa, sapodilla kecik, fruit lady, or Kemang. In every garden, there is a fruit seller. My suggestion to use this opportunity, because the price is much cheaper than in shops or markets.


At the last stop the train there foodcourt, which sells a variety of foods. Prices range from Rp. 5.000, – to Rp. 35.000, -. The place is quite comfortable, shaded by a canopy. Only, when the hot air, it feels stifling.

Those who want to shop, near the food court there was a row of shops selling souvenirs. From batik clothing, bags, accessories, to home decoration such as curtain of shells and fans. The price is pretty cheap, bags of dried water hyacinth stems only Rp. 65.000, -.

Out the streets, full stomach after eating, then buy a souvenir pieces. If you did not get into the orchard, you can still buy at the fruit shop which was situated near the train stop at the entrance. Near the gate to the outside also exist


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