Enjoying Nature Free at Kotok Island

kotok island
Among the islands that became a tourist destination in the Thousand Islands, Pulau Kotok countless nature unspoiled. Clean air, birds singing Meandering, even if you’re lucky we can watch monitor lizards that roam freely.

Thousand Island still save a million charm worth visiting. Collection of small islands located in the northern Jakarta is quite famous as a tourist area for local and foreign tourists. Some of the islands that became a tourist destination in the Thousand Islands, among others, Angel Island, Island Princess, Sepa Island, Pulau Ayer, Island Sun, Island Kelor, Scout Island, Island Hair and Kotok Island.

kotok island
Kotok Island is divided into two parts, namely the West Kotok (Kul Kul Kotok) and Kotok east (Kotok Coconut). But, for the latter is closed to the public. Unlike other islands in the archipelago thousand, Kotok Island beauty is still awake. The island is not done a lot of restoration and modern renovations such as neighboring islands. However, precisely therein lies the uniqueness of Kotok Island. To enjoy the beauty of this island, we have to travel north by speedboat from pier 15 in Ancol.

Travel time to the island ranged from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the type of speedboat that are available. Hours are 8 am departure and expected tourists who come not too late. Friday Saturday and Sunday, is a busy day of visitors. Therefore, if you intend visiting the island in those days, should revervasi done two weeks earlier. Because the accommodation in this place, very limited. There is only one inn here is Alam Kotok Resort, which will take care of transportation PP to Kotok Island, and also eat 3 times a day for the tourists who come.

Bungalow, THE TREE
kotok islan
Arriving on the island Kotok, you will find a quiet atmosphere, away from civilization and dikelilingin by small islands. As far as the eye could see only the natural beauty look. The beach was beautiful and quite spacious, with a dock that is so unique.

The island is not only used as a tourist destination but also as a conservation area flora and fauna. To prevent it from extinction, island caretaker strictly prohibits visitors to damage, disturb or take the flora and fauna found in Pulau Kotok and surrounding areas.

Interestingly this island, we are coming not only welcomed by the resort and island residents, but also by a lizard that lived in the wild. These lizards are free to roam around the beach. Relax, this lizard is quite tame really. Maybe because people are accustomed to seeing, she never interfere with tourists who sunbathe or play on the beach. Not only lizards who became residents of the beach, a variety of birds such as crows are also frequently seen around the island.

Although the weather is quite hot, but the air on the island kotok very cool because the trees are very shady, protecting us from direct sun. So, pretty fun to explore the island during the day. No need to worry about getting lost because a lot of jogging track which direction can we meet along the path.

Available 20 bungalows to accommodate tourists who will stay. One room for two persons capacity. And interestingly, there is a bungalow in the trees. You may call it tree house. From up here, we could see the vast expanse of ocean. An extraordinary experience. An extraordinary experience. You can get this bungalow if a special request.
kotok island
Natural ambience properly addressed at this resort. So do not expect being able to watch television or DVD movies, for television or other sophisticated electronic equipment, not provided by the resort.

Even so, you do not have to worry about food. Since Alam Kotok resort provide food with a menu of global tastes like rice and side dishes, breads, soups and salads. If we want to eat fish from the catch itself can too. Provided that fishing should not be in place at random, must be in areas that are designated for fishing.

At night, we could see the fish are beautiful ornamental swimming thither. These fish glow at night, and reflects the colors are very beautiful. You may give them food. Simply set aside a bit of bread that we eat. It seems the fish are quite familiar with the tourists. Because they would very quickly close to the surface of the water at the sight of visitors at the end of the pier. They danced as if to welcome us to be fed. Usually these fish congregate in shallow water. In addition there is sea cucumber sea fish preserved.

Snorkeling or diving IN THE ISLAND Kotok

To maintain the natural beauty and preservation of underwater / marine parks, Kotok Island facility is not equipped with water sports (jetski, banana boat, canoe, etc.). Only the activity of diving and snorkeling are permitted on the island.

Kotok Island coast is also safe for swimming activities. However, if you want a closer look at the beauty of the sea, you should first ask the caretaker the resort, next to where the region has beautiful scenery.

There are two things to avoid while swimming here. First, sting fish, as if touched, he will sting. The fish usually hide under the sand. Second, sea urchin shaped ball filled with black spines like porcupine spines, and live in the sea unconscious. Sea urchins do not interfere, but if stepped on, is very dangerous because the needles contain toxins. Therefore we advised to use special shoes when swimming.

Very diisayangkan if we just spend time with a long sleep, so sleep late, because the scenery is incredibly beautiful morning. The air is so fresh, and the chirping of birds bersahut-replication.

Sea in the morning is so clear, so the beauty of the underwater look very clear. Witnessing the beauty of the sea in the morning is very fitting. Because, the activity of the inhabitants of the island and visits from outside the boat was not big, so cleanliness is still awake.

After breakfast is the perfect time to kjgberenang, snorkeling, kayaking, diving or facilities available on the island. Can we rent snorkeling equipment for Rp. 85 thousand. As for diving equipment, we have to pocket USD. 700 thousand more.

Area diving in Pulau Kotok-reaching enough. For snorkeling we can do it in the dock area of ​​the island. If this is your first time snorkeling, you should hire the services of an instructor. In addition we are in the hands of an expert, an instructor will also help us look for coral reefs and beautiful fish that we can see.

Settle for snorkeling and swimming tired, after lunch we can laze on the beach. Enjoying the breeze while chatting with other residents of the island or tourists. Being on the island is really fun. All the fatigue seemed to vanish changed sense of peace and relax. Our concern for nature and its contents will also increase. I Love You, Kotok Island!


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