Ciismun Waterfall,Cibodas – West Java

ciismun water fall
‘ve Never heard that name Ciismun waterfall attraction? Yep, bener really. Ciismun waterfalls in the area of Cibodas, Cisarua, Peak. If you have frequent back and forth trip to the Peak and want nyoba natural attractions, cobain deh streets occasional day trips to Niagara Ciismun.

Tickets for the entry of cheap anyway, enough of Rp. 4000, – only per person in the door area, and into the waterfall Rp. 6.000, -. Cost does not include payment of a motor vehicle is subjected to Rp. 15.000, – per car. Pretty cheap, right? The route that you can take to get to the waterfall Ciismun is, from the direction of Jakarta to the summit, turn right before the market Cibodas.

What is interesting in this ciismun waterfall is along the tracks about 500 yards before heading to the waterfall, and we are required to be a little sweaty, exercising for about twenty minutes. Do not worry if you carry lots of items like food and change of clothes in a bag, because there is porter service that can assist you, at a cost of Rp. 10.000, – per person.

In the garden tour this Cibodas, before sapai to Ciismun waterfall attraction, you can enjoy a glass house. There is also a moss forest. And moss-covered trees so green. Pastures are also very broad. It will be seen also as a bonus Mount Gede Pangrango beautiful scenery.

Just as the other waterfalls, views of the water that flows in between the rocks falling down the cliff and that’s the main purpose of a trip to this attraction. Quite reassuring to spend time enjoying the beauty of waterfalls Ciismun. You should try!


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