Air Terjun Madakaripura

If you walk to Mount Bromo, there’s no harm come to Niagara Madakaripura. Not so far from there. Madakaripura Waterfall can be reached by following the path down from Mount Bromo. There are clear directions to reach Waterfall Madakaripura, you can simply follow it.

The roads are not straight. Typical winding mountain toward a waterfall. Forests in the surrounding streets is starting to look shave, cut down to create a new land. Pathetic. However, all the way to the waterfall thankfully still very natural. The distance that the walking distance is the extent of approximately 1 kilometer.

Unlike the other waterfalls which already has a special line where constructed walkways or stairs to reach it, Waterfall Madakaripura still rely on natural path which is surrounded by high cliffs that are plastered with green moss and dripping water on it. This waterfall is in between the high cliffs. There are three water that falls from the top of the hill and the water flows down the extent of approximately 50 meters down.

Why the name of this waterfall sounds a little strange? Madakaripura. The name was more or less meant as a place bertapanya mahapatih Gajahmada of Majapahit. The beauty of Falls Madakaripura do not you ask again, just enjoy it ever can describe its beauty in words.

Behind the Waterfall Madakaripura there is also a cave, but it will be very difficult to reach the cave, because to get there, we must first pass through a pool of water that lie just below the Falls Madakaripura. While the water itself can reach 7 meters and water currents are very swift. So for those of you who do not have enough ability and enough preparation, it is impossible also to simultaneously see the cave behind the Waterfall Madakaripura.


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