Ujung Genteng Sukabumi

Week 2 in March this is a long week end. Far away the day before, we had planned to vacation at the End of Roof (UG), one of the resorts south coast Sukabumi.

The original plan there are 6 people who want to come, but since there’s anything, 2 friends canceled our departure. The four of us still go and have sepakad gathered on Saturday at 13:00 WKI (Time Villages UK). And as usual, probably at the rubber was already a culture. I am a master carpenter and mas a new computer arrive from Bandung at 14.00, while gold plant builders doctors are still busy finishing office work and then pick up ya doctor handyman snake from Bogor. Sukabumi in the flush of heavy rain. At 16.00 they come and soon we are getting ready. Armed with a full stomach with a bag of rice KFC finally berngkatlah us.

The Bejo (pet name for my vehicle operation) is directed to the City of Sukabumi – Two Way Port – Pangleseran – Bojong Lopang – Central Jampang – Lengkong (originally Debo, participants Remix 2) – Jampang Kulon. The street was empty, twisty and winding up and down a lot of holes in his condition. Bejo slowed the pace when passing through the area with chocolate, because the previous doctor had almost hit mas lemur (nocturnal animals) that are being crossed. Mas doctors are very familiar because this area is its colonies.

21:00 hours we reached the Surade. Condition of roads in this area is good. Puff … tired also sit for hours. I think eating the most delicious meatballs, made ​​dispel cold. We are looking for stall bersepakad for meatballs. Mas doctor invites customers to shop meatballs .. OJOLALI meatball noodle stalls. And after eating a bowl of meatballs satiety for Rp. 6000, we really will never forget ‘prengutane’ the mother’s meatballs.
We continued our journey through the darkness of night. 22:00 hours we finally arrived at the End of tiles. Total travel along the 130 km we traveled for 5 hours. Nyantai wrote, let me slow origin survived.

Wow … can not wait to peek immediately green turtles laying eggs again. We all minimal information about the region. In the confusion, we were approached by the builders OJEG ready to take us to the turtle. The distance is about 3 km’s. They offer gocap (U.S. $ 50,000) per person one motor. Sundapun negotiable bargaining with the language they do not want to lower the price (tau tetep time yes, if we are not the Sundanese). But as it was already really want FINALLY we agree to that price. The Bejo we parked in the yard Adi Cottage. We crossed the narrow dark street nan and often bumped into another motor bike home from Pangumbahan. Well apparently we were already late. Arriving at the place of conservation, there are still many other visitors. Soon we sign the guest book and pay Rp. 5000 to the duty officer. Together we transfer to the turtle. Incidentally the previous four turtles had finished nesting and have returned to the sea. Too long we wait for the next turn turtle. While waiting, we match the information to the father of the officer. He said, first place is managed by private conservation and since August 2008 has been taken over by the government. Peak spawning season is a month from November to January. In this season can be up to 90 turtles, while in summer season as it is now a night on average only 10 turtles that lay eggs. Pangumbahan beach is just one point just as a favorite place to lay eggs. Actually still as far as 9 km in the direction Ciemas but the new radius of 3 km are handled. Sand on the Beach Pangumbahan is very smooth. While we were talking, there are two turtles that have been landed and started to make holes to lay eggs. The officer did not hesitate to hesitate to remind visitors to turn on lights or jeprat not snap the camera, because of the lights that would disturb nesting sea turtles. Wow … huge penyunya, diameter between half to one meter. In the dim light, looked both hind legs worn to brush the sand. Pit about two feet with the rear position is more in that position when the turtles lay their eggs almost perpendicular. This long excavation about 1 – 1.5 hours
Green turtle ((Chelonia mydas) began to spawn at the age between 25-30 years and once lay between 100-200 eggs. When the eggs have started issuing the magnitude of a ping pong ball, turtles do not care about the problems around it. At this time we also have may turn on a flashlight and a photograph of the turtle. the turtles continue to release eggs until done. In one spawning season 3 -4 times can spawn.
After completion of the turtles lay eggs naturally will soon cover the hole with her ​​hind legs. But conservation of this place, officers will soon be secure (take) the eggs so as not to be eaten lizards or other predators. Eggs were taken to the hatchery (Hatcher). Immediately returned to the sea turtle. Appear once the turtle tired and exhausted. When our lights, dipelupuk watery eyes like he was crying. Why is not it?

Once the spawn of the landing, make a hole, lay eggs, until returning to the sea takes about 3 – 3.5 hours.

Not feel the time is o1.00 o’clock in the morning. We and other visitors to leave the place. We passed a bamboo fence sand. Apparently it is the hatchery. We were allowed to enter into the place of eggs planted. In these areas our roads and one lane careful not to step on any eggs that were planted. Amid a hole trap and light, so that hatchlings hatchlings (chicks that have hatched turtles) go over there and make pangambilan. The eggs will hatch into hatchlings after 52 days. This little baby is very funny turtle shell is still soft. Before the ride OJEG to return to our vehicles to see hatchlings hatchlings are ready to be released into the sea. Every day these hatchlings hatchlings released into the sea at half past five in the afternoon. At least 1000 hatchlings were released, but only about 1% are alive and then return here to spawn offspring.
We went back through the darkness of night into the parking lot Bejo. It was already sticky eyes, and happened to Adi Cottage is full so it should look for other lodgings. We visited all the cottages in which starting from Pondok Hexa, Ujang Cottage, Cottage and Cottage Deddy Mamas. Fitting our expectations = all full. That night is a lot of visitors. In such circumstances, we are still lucky because we are all adventurers. In any event, any position, anywhere, we can sleep. Finally we parked in one of the cottages, no matter what … and … zzzz. Zzzzzzzzz zzzz … … …


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