Pelabuhan Ratu Beach – West Java

pelabuhan ratu
Pelabuhan Ratu Beach – West Java within 70 km from the city of Sukabumi the southwest. The road to this area is relatively good because in addition to tourist destinations, as well as the county seat where Sukabumi.

With ticket Rp. 2000 / person (adult), Rp. 1,000 (children), car Rp. 5000, you can enjoy the charm of the beach is very charming. The water is blue-green glow in the daytime.
Queen harbor is a bay with calm waves but quite dangerous because of the arrival of large waves that are sometimes unpredictable and basic relief gently sloping beaches are steep.
pelabuhan ratu
Pelabuhan Ratu Beach – West Java this region you can buy fish fresh fish available in the TPI (Fish Auction Place). Facilities vary from class hotel cheap s / d expensive class. One of the hotels as icons Harbor Queen is Inna Beach Hotel. It is said that this hotel has a mystical story related to the rulers south coast, Nyi Roro Kidul.
pelabuhan ratu
Besides Inna Beach Hotel there are parks that could be a parking lot and play with sea water. This place is under the management of Hotel Kadaka. The atmosphere is quite shady, there are public toilet facilities and also a lot of merchants who peddle snacks and coconut ice. Opposite the park is still found the forest (Sukawayana) and sometimes long-tailed monkey (Macaca sp) come into play, look for remains of the former dining visitors.


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