Pangandaran West Coast – West Java

pantai bandung
In 2005, Pangandaran before July 17, 2006 tsunami disaster. It was getting dusk when I drove a motorcycle with his Yosi at the gate of Pangandaran Beach, a famous beach in the southern part of Java Island. It was a very tiring trip, when started from stalls meatballs missiles in Bandung Orchid Road at 9 am. Actual distance of Bandung to Pangandaran only 200 km, should be taken within five hours but we were 9. Yes .. landscape is very much in the way that love to pass. So we are always tempted to preserve it through the camera’s pet; gallery of photos along the way Bandung – Pangandaran there at this link.

Once on the beach, we soon find lodging among the many guesthouses and hotels for rent. Finally a reasonably priced lodging, Rp 80 thousand, but look clean and safe for us and our vehicles stay. I went into the bedroom and lay helpless after a long and tiring trip, but fun. Yosi colleagues do not want to miss the West Coast sunset Pangandaran moment, rushed to the beach to snap here snap there.
Rest of the era, we had to hunt for food to eat dinner; while we toured the night on the West Coast, East Coast, up to the Fish Market. Finally Coast trip tonight in our Pangandaran cover with fried rice dishes. Day in and, after we spent all morning on the East Coast Pangandaran, we went back to explore the West Coast Pangandaran. Wow .. Sunday was crowded by visitors, merchants, and vendors as well as a float boat service and tires.
Once we venture into the sea and landed on the White Sand Beach Nature Reserve Pananjung follows, we went back to walk along the West Coast to get a diverse landscape. Dech satisfied .. until the day started off from the afternoon and we had to immediately leave the beach Pangandaran to go back to Bandung.


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